Interview: Episode with Evelyn Ivy as guest

Brief summary of the episode interview with Evelyn Ivy by Gordon Fletcher.

Host: Ing. Gordon Fletcher,CEO of Compumagick Associates

Guest: Evelyn Ivy, Owner, Financial Keepers,LLC

Gordon: Evelyn how is business today?

Evelyn: Business is going great as we are implementing a new Business System called Basic System, which is intended to help business owners . Have in place a system that takes care of not only accounting, but the overall financial health of their business as well.

Gordon: What are your main activities?

Evelyn: Like I mentioned earlier on apart from the implementation. I’m also currently doing training for my newly hired staff.

Gordon: How does one sign up for services offered Financial Keepers LLC?

Evelyn : By going to lifestylecpa.com which is my dba and mention that they heard about Financial Keepers,LLC on the Magnate Podcast Show.

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