Interview with Jói Sigurdsson by Gordon Fletcher.

Host: Ing. Gordon Fletcher,CEO of Compumagick Associates

Guest: Jói Sigurdsson,Founder/CEO,CrankWheel,based in Reykjavík,Gullbringusysla,Iceland 

Gordon: Jói  how is business today?

Jói : Business is going great we’ve growing at a very fast pace after changing our pricing model

Gordon: What are your main activities?

Jói : CrankWheel is enterprise-friendly screen sharing, focused on sharing the browser tab with customers and integrating fully into the enterprise’s service offering. In just 10 seconds, start showing your customer as if they were sitting beside you. Any browser, any device, no install. 

Gordon: How does one sign up for your program?

Jói : Bygoing to  or  contact and Phone Number:(354)534-5700   and  mention that they heard about Crankwheel on  the Magnate Podcast Show.

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