Interview:Episode with Bill Slawski as guest.

Brief summary of the interview with Bill Slawski by Gordon Fletcher.

Host: Ing. Gordon Fletcher,CEO of Compumagick Associates.

Guest: Bill Slawski,Director of SEO Research,GoFishDigital.

Gordon: Bill how is business today?

Bill : Business is going great we’ve growing at a very fast pace.

Gordon: What are your main activities?

Bill : Most of what I do at GoFishDigital involves site audits and SEO research as you noted in my title.

Gordon: Is a good site audit the way to start and effective SEO?

Bill: Yes a site audit is a good way to start and the implementation of the audit findings could sometimes take months.

Gordon: How does my audience reach out to for any further help regarding SEO and online reviews implementation?

Bill: They can reach out to me directly or through gofishdigital.comand mention that they heard about GoFishDigital onthe Magnate Podcast Show.

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