Interview:Episode with Maulik Bhagat as guest.

Brief summary of the interview with Maulik Bhagat by Gordon Fletcher.

Host: Ing. Gordon Fletcher,CEO of Compumagick Associates

Guest: Maulik Bhagat,Managing Director,Aarete LLC

Gordon: Maulik how is business today?

Maulik: Business is going great we’ve growing at a very fast pace having made the Inc 5000 list.

Gordon: What are your main activities?

Maulik: My main activities at Aarete is in the healthcare industry which is seeing some of the rapid changes with the advent of big data, artificial intelligence and robotics. Let me also add that another area that I focus on is how our clients execute, the findings of analysis of marketing and business data they we provide them with.

Gordon: How does one sign up for services offered by Aarete?

Maulik: By reaching out to me directly at mbhagat@aarete.com and mention that they heard about Aarete onthe Magnate Podcast Show.

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